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What do the jumpers do on the PLX3x gateways?

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By default the PLX3x gateway should have the jumper in a vertical position, which places the gateway into a normal operational state.
Mode 2 is used to reset the gateway to the default IP Address. To place the gateway into Mode 2 follow these steps:

1) Power down the gateway

2) Place the jumper in mode 2 (horizontally on the middle pins)

3) Power up the gateway

At this point the gateway will use the default IP Address of, where it is possible to upload and download configuration files using ProSoft Configuration Builder. (Note that until the jumper is placed back into a vertical position the IP address will stay at the default. After making necessary changes power down the gateway, replace the jumper, and then apply power.)

Mode 1 should only be used when directed so by Technical Support as it is used to update the firmware on the gateway.