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How do I use the Allen Bradley PIDE Function Block

See attachment for details on this ControlLogix 5000 instrtuction....

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Why doesn't ProSoft Technology offer on-site training?

Good question! Although our Support Engineers are more than qualified for on-site training and support, we typically can resolve most issues over the phone. We are constantly adding personnel to our staff, are always looking for good people....

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How difficult is it to implement any of your products?

This is a question we get asked quite often, and it's a somewhat difficult question to answer. As with anything new, there is a learning curve. How steep that curve is depends on the user who is implementing the product. For instance: a user who has never worked with the DNP3 pr...

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Are there any known problems using RSLogix500, versions 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 with ProSoft's 3250-L532M SLC 5/03 RTU processor?

Yes!  Allen-Bradley has released information regarding a problem that arises in RSLogix500, versions 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, when you try to use the "Read I/O Config" feature or when you download a program to the ProSoft 3250-L532M SLC 5/03 RTU.  The problem manifes...

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Where can I find more information about Allen-Bradley DH-485 protocol and how to set up ProSoft DH-485 solutions on such networks?

Please see the Allen-Bradley (A-B) information on their DH-485 protocol, which starts with an Overview at the following link: Please note that Rockwell recommends that every device on a DH...

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When configuring Siemens ET200M slave (possible other complex PROFIBUS slaves), 1. PDPM master failed to read PT100 AI inputs. 2. Sycon software failed to configure slave parameters, error messages we

"error reading user param data!" ProLinx PROFIBUS DPV0 master all PDPM SYCON EDT200M revision 4, 5 and 6000 series v2.65 and earlier1. it was necessary to upgrade PROFIBUS master configuration software Sycon v2.71 and earlier to Sycon 2.91.The new version will not be Pr...

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Write commands of my DFCM module are returning error code (FFF4) -12. What does this mean?

The FFF4 (decimal -12) error code indicates that the reply data does not match the requested byte count.An issue with firmware version 1.42 caused all write commands to report a -12 (FFF4). Any version MVIXX-DFCM version 1.44 or greater has corrected the false reporting of this e...

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Bulletin 1-6446251 MVI56-MNETC locking up on the TCP/IP side.

MVI56-MNETC module would lock up and stop communications on the Modbus TCP/IP side. Version 1.02 of the MVI56-MNETC added a parameter to the configuration file that will allow the user to set the duplex/speed for the MVI card on the TCP/IP network. By fixing the duplex speed to h...

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Need to replace a Molex® SST™ module? We can help

Need to replace a Molex® SST™ module? We can help!Many SST products are going obsolete. ProSoft has a list of replacement products that could help, and we offer unlimited tech support for our solutions.Check out the product list here, and call your regional tech support team to f...

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Which of your products support RS-485 serial protocols?

Almost all ProSoft solutions for serial based protocols support RS-232C, RS-485 and RS-422 electrical interface types, but equally important is the 'language' or application layer protocol needed for your application.ProSoft solutions are categorizedby the required protocols, not...

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Product Classification Codes

Product Classification Codes - Customer Export InformationProSoft Technology, Inc. - Export / Import Classifications (Oct 2019) - Please Note: The information shown below is for informational purposes only and is not a representation or warranty regarding the proper classificatio...

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I'm trying to execute a message instruction from my ControlLogix Processor to the MVI56-BAS but I get an error on the Msg instruction

There's a compatibility issue between the RSLogix version 13 and the firmware 1.03 on the MVI56-BAS. To solve this problem you need to upgrade to the version 1.04 of the MVI56-BAS. Contact the support department to get the firmware update. ..Related Keywords: Basic MVI56-BAS mess...

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Are there special considerations when using an MVI69 module with an L20/L30 processor and can I use multiple MVI69 modules in the same rack?

All MVI69 products you may use multiple modules within a CompactLogix rack with any processor but the l20 and l30 processor. The l20/30 processors only support up to 222 words for all I/O within that rack. Our MVI69 module will occupy 132 words of data (8 words of overhead + 62 w...

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