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Will an upgrade to the MVI56 module be required when upgrading a ControlLogix processor?

There is no need to upgrade the MVI module when a processor upgrade is done.Related Keywords:MVI56 MVIi46 MVI71 MVI94...

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Is Web server functionality available on MVI Ethernet modules?

Available into MVI modules ftp email server ProLinx module must be purchased with web server functionality.Related Keywords:MVI46 MVI56 MVI69 MVI71 DFNT MNet 104S GEC DNPSNET...

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What is the largest Compact Flash memory card size I can use in my ProSoft inRAx MVIxx communications solution?

The largest Compact Flash card (CF) that the MVI will work with in CHS mode is a 512Mbyte CF card.  CF cards greater than 512Mbytes up to 4Gbytes may be used in LBA mode.However, we would discourage the customer from attempting to use larger cards which require LBA mode...

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Does the ladder logic or Add-On Instruction for my InRAx module need to be installed in order to access the Debug Menu?

Yes, the ladder logic must be installed and running in the processor for the debug menu to be available. If the ladder logic is not installed, or is configured incorrectly, the OK LED on the module will show red, and the debug menu will not be available.If the required logic is i...

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Why won't my ProSoft MVI module go into Setup Mode even though I have installed the Setup Jumper and restarted the module?

Jumpers are supposed to have a metal clip inside the plastic housing. It is this clip that makes the necessary connection between the two pins that allows the module to enter setup mode. Occasionally, this metal clip is missing or falls out, leaving only the plastic jumper shell....

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How can I find the heat-dissipation value for your modules?

The following method may be used in determining total I/O rack heat dissipation such as is the case when calculating what size air conditioning is required for a cabinet. Except for discrete I/O, it is not necessary to look up or determine individual module heat dissipations and ...

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Can I embed the ProSoft Add On Instruction for my MVI56 module into my own, custom AOI?

According to Rockwell Automation, at least as far as Version 16 of RSLogix5000 is concerned, you are not allowed to embed or nest Add On Instructions (AOIs) inside other AOIs.  Please do not try to place any ProSoft-supplied AOI inside any other AOI....

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How to use Command control (5001) to disable/enable command? During this time do I need to toggle "warm boot" bit?

The "enable" parameter of the commands which you want to use with command controls has to be set to "0". You have to place the command number in the command list as parameter for the 5001 block. All these commands would be disabled by default and enabled by th...

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I have multiple ProSoft cards in the same rack and using Add-On Instructions (AOI). Can I edit the ReadData and WriteData array size for each specific card?

Yes.The ReadData and WriteData array sizes are found and edited in the 'MCMDATA' UDT.By default, when multiple AOI's are imported according to the user manual, they utilize the same UDT.  Therefore all cards using the AOI will have the same lengths.I...

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Array Subscript too Large Controller Fault

The ladder logic that handles the module's operation makes an assumption that the size of the ReadData and WriteData blocks are at least one block transfer wide. So, for example, if you are using a block transfer size of 240, but the ReadData and/or WriteData arrays are set to a ...

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I cannot locate the .EDS file for my ProSoft Product. Where can I get the proper .EDS file for my module?

Most ProSoft products which either go in a Rockwell PLC rack (InRAx modules) or communicate over EtherNet/IP (EIP), most of these products do not require an .EDS file for proper operation. Because of this. we do not provide .EDS files for every product which could support them. ...

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How do I handle unsigned integers in a CompactLogix or ControlLogix?

It is recommended to use a BTD instruction in RSLogix 5000 to convert the value from a signed integer to a DINT....

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