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Does the AN-X2-GENI support Ghost Mode?

Yes the AN-X2-GENI does support Ghost Mode, however it requires a valid station address on the GE Genius bus network.The main purpose of "Ghost Mode" is to enable the programming and debugging of a new ControlLogix or CompactLogix processor while the existing legacy pro...

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What should the AN-X(2)-GENI be defined as for global data transactions in the GE Programming software?

It is best to configure the AN-X(2)-GENI as a GE 90 30 processor for the global data exchanges....

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Does the AN-X(2)-GENI support both Phase A and Phase B GE Genius I/O Blocks?

Yes the AN-X(2)-GENI gateway supports both Phase A and Phase B Genius I/O blocks.Please note that they must be used in a valid Genius Bus configuration....

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Can an application have redundant AN-X2-GENI gateways scanning the GE Genius Bus Network(s)?

The AN-X2-GENI gateway can be used in a redundant scanner configuration with either a single GE Genius Bus network, or with a redundant network configuration.  In a redundant media configuration the GE Genius Bus I/O must be implemented with GE BSMs.To work in a redundant sc...

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Does the AN-X(2)-GENI gateway work with VersaMax I/O?

Yes the AN-X(2)-GENI gateway supports standard digital and analog I/O modules that are in a chassis with a VersaMax Network Interface....

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