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What kind of security and encryption do the Industrial Hotspots offer?

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This unit supports both Personal and Enterprise security modes as well as Legacy WEB encryption modes for interoperability with legacy devices.
The following security mode settings are supported:
- None Not recommended.
- Personal Security mode using pre-shared key for networks that don't require an authentication server.
- Enterprise Security mode requiring the use of an external Radius authentication server.
- WEP Legacy security setting using either 64 or 128-bit key and WEP encryption. Personal and Enterprise security can be used with:
- WPA Original protocol introduced to replace WEP.
- WPA2 Latest 802.11 security protocol conforming to the 802.11i standard.
- WPA/WPA2 Allows client devices to connect using WPA if they do not support WPA2.

WPA-AES is the preferred encryption method. It contains the latest updates to the 802.11 standards for best security. However, some legacy devices do not yet support these updates. Therefore, a few combinations of legacy methods can be selected.
Available encryption types are:
- None (not recommended)
- WPA-AES - Latest security setting using WPA (pre-shared key) authentication and AES encryption.
- WPA-TKIP - Security setting using WPA (pre-shared key) authentication and TKIP encryption.
- WEP128 - Legacy security setting using a 128-bit key and WEP encryption.
- WEP64 - Legacy security setting using a 64-bit key and WEP encryption.