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What steps should I take to diagnose a Fieldserver product?

1) Assuming you can still at least connect to the Fieldserver, the first thing you should always do is connect to the web GUI (put the ip address of the field server product into a web browser on a computer on the same network as the Fieldserver product). From here, click on User...

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How does field server modbus driver handle floats

When dealing with floats and modbus in a field server product, there are a few key elements to be aware of. First, if the data array you are connecting with your modbus point is of type Float, the field server will convert the value to an integer (stripping off the mantissa/fract...

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Does the PS56-LON SlotServer module support Lonworks TP/XF-1250?

The SlotServer only supports TP/FT10.  For TP/XF-1250 installations, we recommend using some type of a converter that utilizes Echelon technology.  One example would be the Echelon LPR-12 Router....

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My sample slot server CSV is throwing a backplane error, do I have a bad sample?

There was a version of the Slot Server firmware, DCC v6.05f, which required an extra field in the backplane transfer section to operate properly. If you are having backplane issues with our sample CSV and sample ladder, load the web GUI (connect to the Ethernet port on the slot s...

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How many data points do the SlotServer Modules (PS56) support?

The SlotServer Modules (PS56) have a data point limit of 1500....

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