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When trying to upload a project from Studio 5000 v32 or v33.00 I receive a “Error: Name is invalid” message and the upload fails.

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We have discovered during testing that Studio 5000 Logix Designer fails to upload a project from a controller containing an MVI56E-61850C module declared in the I/O Tree. Rockwell Automation has investigated this issue and found this issue was related to a check performed during Upload of the controller contents where a mismatch on the number of digits reported to the module profile was discovered. This issue is confirmed in all current v32 releases, and the initial release of v33.00. See the version list below for the current status of this issue.

  • Logix Designer V33.01 includes the fix (released 11/2021)
  • Logix Designer V34 includes the fix (released 03/2022)
  • Logix Designer V32 re-release has the fix on the backlog list but should be included in the release of v32.05.

As of time of this article (7/7/2022), v32.05 has not yet been released. If you are a current user of v32, we recommend that you upgrade to v33.01 (or greater).