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Will ProSoft MVI69-xxxx solutions work with the new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L23 series of processors?

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ProSoft  MVI69 solutions require a minimum of 800mA of 5vdc current be available from the backplane of any CompactLogix system in which they are installed.

Within the 1769-L23x processor family, our MVI69-xxx modules will work with some but not all of the family of the processors.  The MVI69s will work with the ones which have adequate power supplies.  According to Rockwell information, here are the power supply ratings for the currently available L23 series processors:

1769-L23-QBFC1B = 800mA at 5Vdc (1 MVI69-xxx will take all 800mA, no other modules could be used since MVI69-xxx will take all available power).

1769-L23E-QB1B = 1000mA at 5Vdc (1 MVI69-xxx will take 800mA, 1 other module could be used on this rack provided it consumes less than 200mA at 5Vdc. 

1769-L23E-QBFC1B = 450mA at 5Vdc (no MVI69 module can work with this processor).

If you plan to use any of these or other CompactLogix systems with any ProSoft MVI69 solution, just be sure the processor/power supply you choose will be able to provide the required minimum 800mA of 5vdc current.

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