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Do ProSoft CompactLogix modules work with the new CompactLogix processors?

The requirements for Prosoft's CompactLogix InRAx modules are: * 1769 I/O bus * 450-800ma @5v from the bus, depending on the MVI module* Placement within 2-4 slots of a CompactLogix power supply, depending on the MVI moduleThe power and Distance Rating (proximity to power supply)...

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MVI69E and MVI69L FAQQ: Where do I get the MVI69E and MVI69L Add On Instructions?A: The MVI69E and MVI69L modules do not have generic AOI. Instead, after making your configuration with Prosoft Configuration Builder, right click on the name of the module in the tree on the left si...

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Using MVI69E and MVI69L Modules in a Remote Rack via the 1769-AENTR Ethernet Adapter

The way the 1769-AENTR is designed, it only waits two to three seconds after power-up to detect backplane communication with the modules on its rack. After this period, it makes no further attempts to detect modules on the rack.The new operating system used with the 69E and 69L m...

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