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I have an older trial version of Modscan32 from . It does not seem to connect with my MNET module. Why?

You need Modbus TCP client connectivity to be able to link to Prosoft MNET Servers for testing. Older evaluation or demo versions of Win-Tech's Modscan32 Modbus master simulator software did not allow use of TCP/IP Client connections unless you purchased the licensed version.&nbs...

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I am trying to use a ProSoft MVI56 solution with my GuardLogix 1756-L62S CPU without a 1756-LSP Partner module and cannot download a configuration file to the MVI56. What do I need to do?

Without a 1756-LSP Partner module, the 1756-L62S will not talk to I/O modules across the backplane.  Without a backplane connection, a ProSoft MVI56 solution will not be able to complete its boot-up routine and will not allow access via its Configuration/Debug port for confi...

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