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What causes a conditional command to be issued?

A conditional command is useful when the same value does not need to be written to the end device continuously, but rather on change. A conditional write command is scanned based upon its poll rate (like all other commands).  The difference is that it will not be execut...

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Baud rate entries greater than 32767 in ProSoft Modules

Since RSLogix uses signed integers, the highest positive value that can be entered is 32767. To avoid this issue, when specifying higher baud rates, Prosoftmodules only require the first 3 digits of the baud rate. e.g., to enter a baud rate of 38400, enter 384. Use 576 for 5...

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Where are the on-board jumper positions defined for my MVI module?

On bottom of the circuit board for any MVI products, you' ll find three jumper banks: COM1, COM2, and Setup.Each jumper position is labeled 232, 422 and 485....

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Do the serial ports on my MVI56 module provide any electrical isolation?

The two application serial ports provide 1000 volts of electrical isolation between the port and the ControlLogix backplane.The debug/configuration port provides no electrical isolation. Note: None of the ports provide any electrical isolation between the port and the module's i...

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Connecting RS232/Channel 0 port on my V17 or V18 Logix processor to connect to my ProSoft device halts communications..

This is a known issue with Allen Bradley and AB Technote #67950 has been created. "There is an anomaly with all Logix processors in V17 and V18 in which the serial port UART may stall when transmitting packets.  This has only appeared on certain devices connec...

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