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I'm developing applications for the AppServ CE and need to know, how do I get applications to auto-start on power-up?

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On the AppSrvCE you can create a registry value to start a program when the module starts up. In the registry editor (regedit), under 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Online Development\LaunchIt', create a new STRING value, give it any name you like and assign as the value the executable path to the program you would like to start up. On a module with the EZ RTE, the value 'EZ RTE' should already be present with a value of '\DiskOnChip\JaguarCE.exe'.

If you are using EZ RTE and your application uses shared memory, it will cause problems if it runs before the EZ RTE. If this is the case, there is an application starter program that can be used which starts up programs listed in a file on the DISKONCHIP, the programs can be specified to start with a delay.

For CE versions 1.18 and earlier the startup sequence can be modified to match the safer v 1.19 sequence using the following procedure.

Remove the registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Online Development\Launchit\EZRTE Add a new STRING value registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Online Development\Launchit\Startup Set the value data to "\DiskOnChip\CEStartup.exe"

Download the attached files to the Tecla, place them in the \Diskonchip folder.

Startup Files



Starting with EZ version 7.04 and CE version 1.19, the CE startup sequence will be modified. Instead of CE starting up the EZ RTE directly, CE will startup an app called CEStartup.exe. CEStartup will startup a list of programs specified in a file named Startup.txt on \DiskOnChip.

For EZ RTE systems, Startup.txt will contain the path to the EZ RTE. The customer can also modify Startup.txt to startup any other apps he would like to start when CE boots.

If the key is pressed when CEStartup (v 7.04.0008) runs, it will not start any programs. This will allow the customer to recover in cases where his startup EZ app or startup C app cause CE to lockup.

CEStartup starts the applications in the order specified in Startup.txt. The user can also specify command line parameters for the startup applications.

The user can specify a delay before starting the application by adding a # followed by a number after the path to the executable file on the same line. The delay duration is in milliseconds. The startup execution path and command line parameters should not contain a '#' character. For user applications which run in parallel with EZ RTE and use shared memory, these apps must start after the EZ RTE, therefore we recommend that the user start his app with a delay of 1000 (milliseconds).