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How does one autostart an application in the appsrvce?

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If one is using our EZ Runtime in conjunction with the EZ Dev Studio to develop real-time data aquisition or historical data aquisition and control applications then you may simply add an entry for the application in the Startup file in the DiskOnChip directory. But if one has purchased the AppSrvCE for thier own custom use and do not require the EZ RTE system, how does one auto start applications? --- This is considerably different and a bit more complicated than on the x86 & x64 Windows platforms, more information can be found on the msdn web site; "Developing an OEM Adaptation Layer",, see specifically "Configuring the Process Boot Phase." To control which applications run at system startup, create launch registry values. Launch registry values do not need to be sorted in the registry, although you can specify dependencies. You can specify up to 32 applications. The following table shows the entries for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEInit registry key.






REG_BINARY (yy is the most significant bit)

Launch registry values have optional dependencies as denoted by the Dependnn registry value. Dependnn registry values specify applications that Windows CE must be running before the Launchnn applications run. Dependnn registry values begin with the keyword Depend, followed by the same decimal number as the Launchnn registry value. The Dependnn registry values define an order in which Windows CE launches applications. One or more dependent applications can be specified per Dependnn value. Dependent applications are specified as a series of Words in hexadecimal notation. The following code example shows a typical Init registry entry using dependencies. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEInit] "Launch10"="shell.exe" "Launch20"="device.exe" "Launch30"="gwes.exe" "Depend30"=hex:14,00 "Launch50"="taskman.exe" "Depend50"=hex:14,00, 1e,00 In the preceding example, Gwes.exe is dependent on Device.exe starting and Taskman.exe is dependent on Device.exe and Gwes.exe starting. The DependXXX value specifies prerequisites. The "init" key indicates some low-level services to be started and in what order, where important. Third-party apps wait until the system is fully booted before running, so place your own entries last chain. The hex values correspond to the decimal numbers in the LaunchXXX values.