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How can I use fault code 0x00000035 (PWR_DWN_5V_LOSS Power supply is below 5v. Shutdown is eminent) or any other fault code(s) to trigger a shutdown on AppSrv module?

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When AppSrv actually sees and responds to the corresponding signal from the operating system, shutdown is truly imminent and there may not be adequate time remaining to perform an elegant shutdown so the recommendation is not to use the "0035" [PWR_DWN_5V_LOSS] fault code but to use 0x00000038" [PWR_DWN_24V_LOSS]. Despite the minor fault's name, PWR_DWN_24V_LOSS, the signal is not provided by the operating system until the voltage falls below a preset threshold ... 19 volts. Unfortunately, the module is NOT preconfigured to provide PWR_DWN_24V_LOSS, but with minimal effort, you should be able to (somewhat) easily perform the necessary configuration.

1. Connect mouse, keyboard, and VGA monitor

2. Unlock registry

a. Launch Windows Explorer using Start->Programs->Windows Explorer

b. Launch the GP Registry Configuration Utility ... \DiskOnChip\GPRegCfg.exe

c. Click the Unlock Registry button, then click the Yes button to arm registry unlock and auto-reboot

d. When AppSrv comes back up, the registry will be unlocked

e. Launch Windows Explorer using Start->Programs->Windows Explorer

f. Launch the GP Registry Configuration Utility ... \DiskOnChip\GPRegCfg.exe

g. Check the Create EZLaunch.log checkbox and provide a folder name where EZLaunch.log should be created.

h. Take special note of the Power State Critical item. We'll touch on this later.

i. Click the Update Registry button

3. Add a new registry entry

a. Launch the registry editor using Start->Run. Enter regedit in the Open: text box.

b. Within the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Online Development\EZ1131

c. Select Registry->New->DWORD Value from the menu

d. Value name: PowerLowFault; Value data: 1

e. Click OK

f. Exit the registry editor.

g. Launch Save Registry on the desktop in order to save the registry changes.

h. Reboot AppSrv using Start->Run. Enter reboot in the Open: text box.

i. When AppSrv reboots, the registry will now be locked.

At this point, the PWR_DWN_24V_LOSS minor fault should be available for shutdown fault interception. Hopefully, there will be adequate time to execute the customer's fault routine before complete loss of power.

Now, getting back to the Power State Critical item. It is NOT necessary to configure this item in order to gain the functionality described above. Power State Critical is independent of everything written to this point. Essentially, Power State Critical allows the system to recover from a brown out if power is restored after falling below 19 volts, but before power goes below an unrecoverable level (about 5 volts).