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Connecting Your Building Automation Equipment Just Got Easier

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Connecting Your Building Automation Equipment Just Got Easier

Data from your building’s automation equipment – such as HVAC systems, generators, aim compressors, chillers, and boilers – can help you identify potential cost and energy savings. Having access to this data can help facilities identify high-energy hours and reduce usage (and costs) accordingly, or help them meet sustainability objectives or regulatory requirements.

However, this equipment typically uses a different protocol than your industrial control system. BACnet™, LonWorks, and JCI Metasys™ N2 are common protocols used by this equipment – and to automatically get the data into your control system, you’ll need a protocol converter.

Universal Building Automation Gateways

ProSoft offers solutions to connect each of these protocols to your Rockwell Automation® control system.  Even better? We now have universal building automation gateways featuring multi-protocol support to best meet the needs of your application.

The newest iteration of this solution supports several protocols, and connects them with EtherNet/IP™, Modbus® RTU, or Modbus TCP/IP systems:

∙ BACnet MS/TP

∙ BACnet/IP

∙ JCI Metasys N2

The new gateways are available with limits of up to 250, 500, or 1000 points of application data, allowing you to select the best option for your application. The solution is also our first building automation gateway to have two each of Ethernet and serial ports. The gateways also feature an embedded application, BACnet Explorer, which helps users discover all of the BACnet devices on their network, saving configuration and troubleshooting time.

Learn more about the new two-port universal building automation gateways.