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A PROFIBUS Connection in Your ControlLogix®

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A PROFIBUS Connection in Your ControlLogix®

It’s a standard dilemma – your control system uses one protocol, your field equipment another (or several others). A lack of communication between your equipment is a non-starter – you need that data to maintain service or production.

In process applications especially, PROFIBUS abounds – and if you have a Rockwell Automation® control system, you need a way to connect those disparate protocols.

Ideal solutions for challenging applications

ProSoft has completed an update of its PROFIBUS solutions to ensure they meet the demands of the most challenging process applications. This update culminated this month in the release of the multi-slave module for ControlLogix® control systems. (Earlier this year, we introduced the master/multi-slave module.) This cost-effective family of PROFIBUS solutions is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding process applications.

The most recent additions to this solution family feature increased data transfers and multiple premier integration tools that will decrease configuration time and effort. With new functionality such as multiple I/O connections back to the ControlLogix processor and the ability for the modules to operate as multiple PROFIBUS DP slaves on a network, these solutions provide the performance required for the most demanding applications. 

Not a big fan of having separate troubleshooting tools? (Same.) The modules’ built-in PROFIBUS DP packet capture utility means you no longer need separate PROFIBUS DP troubleshooting tools to get the network up and running smoothly in the event of an issue.

Have a legacy PROFIBUS master module? This one helps you migrate

If you have a legacy in-chassis master module for ControlLogix (MVI56-PDPMV1) and would like to switch to the new solution, we’ve aimed to make your migration as streamlined as possible. The new master module’s PLX50 Configuration Utility features a conversion tool that will help you migrate from your legacy unit.

Contact your regional Tech Support team to find out more about migrating your legacy PROFIBUS modules.

Other high-performance PROFIBUS solutions

In addition to the modules for ControlLogix, ProSoft also offers in-chassis solutions for CompactLogix™ and PROFIBUS-EtherNet/IP™ gateways. Learn more at the links below!

PROFIBUS DPV1 Master Module for CompactLogix

PROFIBUS DPV1 Slave Module for CompactLogix

PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave to EtherNet/IP Gateway

PROFIBUS DP Slave to EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or Modbus Serial Gateway