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Savings on Your Energy Costs

Industrial plants are evolving and becoming more and more complex: They contain many independently controlled systems, including large energy-consuming systems like compressed air systems, pump and fan systems, refrigeration and chilled water systems, process heat systems, boilers and steam systems.

Regardless of the size, constraints, and type of application, the challenges remain basically the same: getting the maximum efficiency with aging equipment, legacy systems, limited budget and trained staff, plus bad habits that restrain managing energy in a proactive way.

How to improve energy efficiency with low-cost or even no-cost actions?

  • Identify the peak energy demand:  It’s possible to determine operation processes that contribute to peak demand charges by analyzing real-time energy usage of the control system devices over a given period. This way, we can see how demand curves are linked to the production shifts, and optimize energy usage accordingly.
  • Optimize energy use during production shutdowns: For example, during weekends, at night, or over a maintenance period.
  • Avoid excessive energy charges: this can happen when many production machines and equipment are turned on at the same time and may be able to be re-scheduled to off peak times.

Want to learn more?

ProSoft Technology can help you jump to the next step thanks to in-chassis modules and gateways that bring data into the PLC, where you can monitor and coordinate the control of your energy systems with your production/manufacturing needs.

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