Modbus TCP/IP Multi Client Enhanced Network Interface Module with Reduced Data Block for ControlLogix


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The MVI56E Modbus TCP/IP Multi Client Enhanced Communication Module for Remote Chassis allows Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) to interface easily with multiple Modbus TCP/IP server-compatible instruments and devices. The Multi Client module improves performance when controlling multiple servers on a Modbus TCP/IP network, by supporting up to 30 clients.
MVI56E enhancements include configuration and management through the module Ethernet port, CIPconnect technology for bridging through ControlNet and EtherNet/IP networks, and has a web server to access on-board documentation, Add-On Instructions, and sample program files.
This module uses a small I/O data image for transfer of data between the module and the ControlLogix processor, making it ideal for ControlNet or Ethernet applications with the module in a remote rack.


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Características y Beneficios

Supports up to 30 Clients

  • Faster response for multi server applications
  • Reduces network traffic
  • Minimizes impact to other server communications when one server device goes off-line

RSLogix 5000 Integrated

  • The module communication is integrated with RSLogix 5000 using a supplied Add-On Instruction (AOI) or ladder file
  • No additional PAC/PLC programming required

Enable/Disable commands easily from ladder logic.

  • Programatically enable various networked devices and their functions to support multiple applications or recipes, without having to reconfigure the module

Remotely configure and diagnose problems

  • Easy to use Windows-based configuration software connects through remote racks using EtherNet/IP and/or ControlNet via a 1756-EnxT and/or 1756-CNB interface module without requiring RSLinx OEM saving you money
  • Allows support of IT and Automation network segmentation

Web-enabled Ethernet port

  • The module has a built-in web server for easy access to documentation, module status, and to update firmware

MVI56 backward compatible

  • Assists in extending current MVI56 applications by using newer technology that supports existing MVI56 ladder logic and module configuration


  • Backward compatible with previous MVI56-MNETCR versions
  • Single-slot 1756 ControlLogix backplane compatible
  • 10/100 Mbps auto crossover detection Ethernet configuration and application port
  • User-definable module data memory mapping of up to 5000, 16-bit registers
  • ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) software supported, a Windows-based graphical user interface providing simple product and network configuration
  • Sample ladder logic and Add-On Instructions (AOI) are used for data transfer between module and processor
  • Internal web server provides access to product documentation, module status, diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • 4-character, alpha-numeric, scrolling LED display of status and diagnostics data in plain English - no cryptic error or alarm codes to decipher
  • ProSoft Discovery Service (PDS) software used to locate the module on the network and assign temporary IP address
  • Personality Module - a non-volatile industrial-grade Compact Flash (CF) card used to store network and module configuration for easy disaster recovery, allowing quick in-the-field product replacement by transferring the CF card




Backplane Current Load

  • 800 mA @ 5 V DC
  • 3 mA @ 24V DC

Operating Temperature

  • -25° to 70°C (-13° to 158°F) - MVI56E-MNETXT

 Storage Temperature

  •  -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)


  •  30g Operational
  • 50g non-operational
  • Vibration: 5 g from 10 to 150 Hz

 Relative Humidity

  •  5% to 95% (non-condensing)

 LED Indicators

  •  Battery Status (ERR)
  • Application Status (APP)
  • Module Status (OK)

 4-Character, Scrolling, Alpha-Numeric LED Display

  •  Shows Module, Version, IP, Application Port
  • Setting, Port Status, and Error Information

 Debug/Configuration/Application Ethernet port (E1)

 Ethernet Port

  •  10/100 Base-T, RJ45 Connector, for CAT5 cable
  • Link and Activity LED indicators
  • Auto-crossover cable detection

 Shipped with Unit

  •  5-foot Ethernet straight-through cable


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