Modbus Communication Modules Provide Easy Add On Instructions for RSLogixTM 5000 Version 16

ProSoft Technology’s Modbus Communication Modules (MCMs) provide a fast and easy way to connect Modbus networks and devices to the Rockwell Automation system. Now implementation of these modules is made even easier with ProSoft Technology’s new add on instructions which condense 31 rungs of ladder logic contained in 6 ladder files into one add on instruction which can be imported directly into RSLogix 5000 Version 16. Previously configuration files had to be manually keyed or copied into RSLogix, thus opening the door for mistake. This feature saves the user valuable time at set-up and nearly eliminates the room for human error. For current users of the MVI56-MCM module, the new configuration software can be downloaded directly from the product pages.

More about Modbus Communication Modules
ProSoft Technology’s Modbus Communication Modules are ideal for SCADA and field devices supporting Modbus including transmitters, drives, flow meters, and CCS connectivity. Modbus Communication Modules have two independently configured Modbus serial ports that can operate as Master and/or Slave with multidrop support, each supporting RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.


  • Single-slot backplane-compatible in-rack modules
  • Controller tags and user defined tags can be imported using the new add on code
  • Module configured using the Generic Profile in the RSLogix 5000 v16 programming software
  • Configuration data obtained through user-defined structure, imported with new add on instructions. Sample ladder file included for previous revisions of RSLogix 5000 (V10-V15)
  • 5000-word register space exchanges data between the processor and the Modbus Network
  • Multiple modules can be placed in the same rack; up to the limits of the power supply and backplane data transfer
  • Module memory usage that is completely user definable
  • Two ports to emulate any combination of Modbus master or slave device
  • Input/output module between the Modbus network and the Rockwell Automation backplane
  • Supports Enron version of Modbus protocol for floating point data transactions
  • The data transfer from the processor is asynchronous from the actions on the Modbus network