Simple, Secure, Managed: ‘Always-On’ Network Streamlines Connection for Distributed Utilities

Bakersfield, Calif., April 25, 2019 – ProSoft Technology is now offering the simplest way to set up a secure communications network between remote sites, thanks to the “always-on” Persistent Data Network (PDN) that is now available through ProSoft Connect.


ProSoft’s PDN can be implemented in minutes, providing a high-bandwidth, streamlined alternative to maintenance-heavy options such as networks involving radio modems and leased line modems. PDN is ideal for utility companies that are increasingly in need of ways to optimize their workforce and operating budgets. By opting for a managed infrastructure communications network such as the PDN, utilities can avoid implementing complex IT services and instead focus that effort on their control systems. This can help improve the customer experience and ensure consistent service. The system’s security is ensured due to Layer 2 networking and lack of installed software, and an audit trail notes all actions.

Learn more about ProSoft Technology’s Persistent Data Network here.


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