ProSoft Technology releases the EtherNet/IP to Allen-Bradley Remote I/O or DH+ Gateway

Bakersfield, Calif., April 2013 ProSoft Technology, Inc is pleased to announce the release of the EtherNet/IP to Allen Bradley DH+ or Remote I/O gateway (AN-X2-AB-DHRIO).

The key feature of this gateway is the ability to upgrade Remote I/O PanelViews or Drives to newer PanelView Plus terminals or PowerFlex Drives on EtherNet/IP. This allows customers to sustain their existing process while they deploy a phased migration plan. The gateway also supports uploading and downloading of DH+ processors from an EtherNet/IP network and supports up to 32 racks of Remote I/O.

The gateway enables ControlLogix or CompactLogix systems to control PLC, SLC, or Flex I/O racks over Remote I/O. The module can be added to an existing network and monitor the changing states of I/O without interrupting the process. This provides the customer with the ability to build and verify their new control system before switching over, minimizing risk.

The gateway has a built-in MicroSD card which stores configuration files and firmware. This Micro SD card can be transferred to another gateway to resume operation in the event of a disaster. The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO gateway is the successor to the AN-X-AB-DHRIO and is backward compatible.

This one gateway has multiple operating modes including:

  • HMI - Upgrade up to 8 Remote I/O PanelView's to EtherNet/IP-enabled PanelView Plus terminals without modifying PLC code
  • DRV - Upgrade up to 4 legacy drives on Remote I/O to EtherNet/IP Drives without modifying the PLC code
  • SCAN - Control racks of Remote I/O from a ControlLogix or CompactLogix processor
  • DHP -  Remote monitoring, upload, download over EtherNet/IP to a DH+ network
  • ADAPT – Monitor the Remote I/O network.