Automated Material Handling


Raw material supply solutions

With materials being transported via AGVs or overhead cranes, you need to ensure that their transportation is closely tracked and communicated. ProSoft’s Industrial Hotspot radios feature Ultra-Fast roaming, ensuring accurate, real-time communications for your precious cargo.

Real-world case study

Find out how AGVs paired with strong wireless communication led to several benefits for an automotive company.

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Production Solutions

  • Electrified monorail systems and skillet line communications gets a boost from the Industrial Hotspots’ support of Ultra-Fast access point switchover times with no loss of communications. A radiating cable solution is also a good alternative to a conductor rail, which can be unreliable and limit production.
  • Have a filling machine? Slip rings can be unreliable and their maintenance is costly. A radiating cable is a replacement that can stand up to more rugged environments, and help you isolate your Wi-Fi communications in the area, reducing interference.
  • Planning a scalable design gives you the freedom to expand in the future.

White paper

Learn how your operation will benefit from a radiating cable

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Real-world case study

Wrapping five bottles per second thanks to a radiating cable

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Wireless communications for moving parts

From stacker-reclaimers to AGVs to automated storage and retrieval systems, reliable communication is a must when getting your product where it needs to go. From Wi-Fi radios to embedded radiating cables, a reliable network can help you make sure conveyors are running, AGVs are where they need to be, and products are moving toward their next destination on schedule.

  • Reliable ASRS communications can lead to greater accuracy in Just-In-Time applications
  • Higher pick and pack accuracy has led to delivery truck' streamlined loading and departure
  • Our Wi-Fi solutions support Safety I/O communications
Wireless Solutions

Sorting Solutions

Barcode readers and scanners are essential in warehousing and distribution applications – but their efficiency requires accurate communication, and their protocol can be incompatible with your controller. ProSoft’s modules serve as interpreters between your equipment and control system.

Real-world case study

A perfume manufacturer produce its samples thanks to improved communication with their scale.

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Protocol Solutions

Your OEM may not come with a PLC that communicates with your current PLCs and control devices. We have in-chassis modules and gateways for PLC-to-PLC interlocking, SCADA/HMI communications, drive interfacing, and interfaces for many other types of control equipment.

Gateways Solutions

Remote Access Solutions

Are you an OEM or SI who needs to monitor your material handling application from a distance? We’ve got you covered with cellular and wired solutions that can be used in conjunction with ProSoft Connect™, our secure, cloud-native platform that helps you realize the value of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Remote Access Solution

Increase Your Sustainability
& Reduce Your Operations Costs

Chances are, your air compressors, lighting controls, and HVAC equipment use different protocols from your control system. Thanks to ProSoft’s modules, your energy-usage data can be sent directly from your building’s equipment to your controller, where you can analyze and act upon the data to reduce your operations costs and meet corporate sustainability objectives.

Plant Energy Management

Modernization Solutions

Is your material handling system due for an update? Would you like to accomplish this without throwing your process completely off schedule? You may not have to rip and replace your existing system, causing lost productivity and likely financial losses. With a low-risk phased approach, you can reduce unscheduled downtime and modernize your legacy system on your timeline.

Phased Modernization

Solutions for: